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The Alliance (Galactic Federation). An allied network of spacefaring societies that pool their resources and present a unified front much more capable of defending its territories than any one world alone. The Alliance keeps order, stimulates trade, and explores nearby uncharted space through SpaceFleet. More Info
SpaceFleet. SpaceFleet is the premier force of the Alliance, tasked with duties ranging from deep space exploration to border patrol and defense. Its officers are trained at the highly-acclaimed SpaceFleet Academy, and consist of members of every race in the Galactic Federation. More Info
Arellia. A member planet of the Alliance, Arellia is home to a militaristic population of mice with a penchant for order, justice, and discipline. They have a tendency to square off against the larger Platyrian Empire, often in defiance of Alliance edicts, over matters ranging from minor breaches of protocol to territorial violations and matters of interstellar law. More Info
Corellia. The Corellians are a merchant race of avians that lie somewhere in the uncharted galaxies separating the Alliance’s northern edge from a westward arc of the Platyrian Empire. Corellians are merchants and businessmen who fully believe in letting others do the fighting with the weapons they provide. They have very little interest in politics – provided they allow for free trade – and care little of other races. More Info
Lupinia (Dust Bunnies). The Lupinians, or Dust Bunnies, as they are more commonly known, are a quiet, unassuming race of opportunistic aliens willing to work for the highest bidder. More Info
Platyria (Invisible Ducks). The Platyrian Empire is a huge, multi-systemed network of colonized worlds, space stations, and mining outposts. More commonly known as the Duck Empire, it refuses to join the Alliance, and has a tendency to throw its weight around just to prove a point. Sworn enemies of the Radioactive Bagels, the Ducks will stop at nothing to stop them from taking over the cosmos. They show up occasionally to make life in general difficult. More Info
Radioactive Bagels. An evil race of aliens, long-time enemies of the Invisible Ducks. Out to obliterate the Ducks and liberate fellow breakfast rolls.
Vyceria. A breakaway Platyrian border world, Vyceria remains under mandatory lockdown; Platyrian naval forces have sealed the region and will not allow Allied observers near the area for inspection or humanitarian aid. Birthplace of the infamous Black Knights and general bone of contention between the Ducks and the Alliance. More Info

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