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Supporting Cast
Please, Sir, I need a name The Sign Holder started off as a running gag to let Bob know where the bad guy was, and gained tenure when The Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi figured out most of the local law enforcement was gullible enough to pursue anyone the sign holder followed. More Info
Lita Lita, the young Dust Bunny pilot Ivan nabbed to fly his fighter when Galaxia refused to supply him with a crew. A sub-species of the Dust Bunnies, she was an outcast on the Duckhawk. Rather timid and not very confident, she's an excellent pilot and a quick thinker, and has proven to be quite valuable to Ivan... More Info
Bobetta Kiwi Bobetta Kiwi, Bob's fiance. Rich, educated, and a famous prima ballerina, among other things, she views Bob as her knight in shining armor. A bit pampered, she tends to recommend clients to the detective agency and pull strings for Bob & company when they need favors or certain tidbits of restricted information.
Drake Dumas An Invisible Duck with a naive view of life and the absolute worst luck in the universe. An old friend of Squeaks, Drake is Commander and Second-In-Command aboard Commodore Mallard's ship, and tends to bring trouble with him wherever he goes. More Info
Casey Redwall Casey Redwall, an orange finch and one of Ferdia's fellow officers at the 42nd Precinct. A fun-loving and easy-going fellow, Casey is an excellent detective and often volunteers to serve as backup should Ferida need it. Unlike his partner, Casey doesn't find Ferdia's tactics a laughing matter, and worries about her welfare. (Though he still won't let her drive his squad car!)
Trevor Trevor. Casey's partner, this wise-cracking, green-feathered finch has a somewhat cynical sense of humor, and often convinces his fellow officers to take up a friendly wager or two "just for fun." Responsible for both the precinct's Friday lottery and an on-going pot on the longevity of a squad car in Ferdia's care.
Bishop Bishop, an older cop that serves as a sort of father-figure to the officers of the 42nd. Taken off active patrol after suffering a debilitating bullet wound, Bishop now serves the people from behind a desk, doing much of the booking and paperwork of the station and often dispensing invaluable advice to the younger cops.
Vernon Spengler Vernon Spengler is the sort of stuffy, whiny officer that is promoted to Lieutenant just to get him away from the rest of the cops. This sparrow worries excessively over his future, feeling his career is constantly in jeopardy of some higher-up's decision to hold him liable for his officers' behavior.
The Chief The Chief, as the head of the 42nd is affectionately known, is a middle-aged police captain that tends to wonder why he just didn't become an accountant like his mother wanted whenever Ferdia's name is mentioned. Despite other precints' congratulatory comments on how well he manages the 42nd, he's constantly running interference for his younger officers. Well aware that he's the only captain the mayor has on speed-dial, he still doesn't know what the politician sounds like when he's not yelling.
Callie Callie, the coffee-loving sparrow of the 8th Precinct. Hyper, perky, and a flirt, she occassionally drops by the 42nd to file property damage reports, criticise their coffee, and glibly tease her fellow officers about their working conditions. She's harmless, really.
Prince Amir Gazebo. A Middle-eastern prince that looks remarkably like Bob, but much more sophisticated. Never without his hat, the prince is very intelligent, occasionaly polite, and possesses the quick temper and impatience you'd expect in a royal kiwi.
Newt, a scholarly, intelligent brown kiwi that likes to be called Joe. Newt received many of his degrees at Oxfordand has developed a slight English accent. He is of great assistance to Bob, providing gadgets, information, and, sometimes, backup. Bob, as Danger Kiwi, calls him XYZPDQ. A very agreeable chap.
Joe Kiwi. Owner and bartender of the Night Owl club, an increasingly popular hangout for the lower elements of society. Joe doesn't mind serving said elements - as long as they leave him alone - and listens to everything he overhears, making him a very useful source of information. Likes to be called Newt.
Ed. Not a very bright fellow, even for a kiwi. Ed's muscular bulk and imposing size make him the perfect strongarm, while his blank stare and limited intellect give him access to meetings that a more capable minion would not be permitted to overhear.
Gracie Hen Gracie Hen. Bobetta's French maid. Well-proportioned and full of herself, she's always turning heads and playing the hapless damsel. Never misses an opportunity to tick Iiwi off.
Chuck Chuck. A biker chicken and all-around tough guy, preoccupied with thoughts of flight but nonetheless the leader of the Wings of Fire biker gang. Tends to supply Iiwi with info.
Ma Birdie Ma Birdie. Ferdie & Ferdia's mom. Likes to torment her kids with surprise visits and meatloaf feasts. Otherwise a really sweet, though slightly eccentric, lady.
Ma Birdie Bink. Ferdie's little bro. Still in diapers, he is very observant and extremely intelligent, and resents Iiwi's theory that he must've been abandoned by a group of wayward aliens. After all, it's not his fault that he's the genius in the family....
Ma Birdie Marie. An orphaned mouseling Ma took in as a foster child after the preschooler took a liking to Ferdia, who pulled her out of the middle of a shoot-out, and Squeaks, who she's latched onto as something between an older brother and a daddy-substitute...
The Invisible Ducks. Intergalactic aquaintances of Squeaks' race. Sworn enemies of the Radioactive Bagels, they will stop at nothing to stop them from taking over the cosmos. They show up occasionally to make life in general difficult.
The Dust Bunnies. A race of opportunistic aliens willing to work for the highest bidder.
Prince Petri Prince Petri. Always rather elusive, Petri is an Amazonian prince of Mayan ancestry. While his tribe is hidden deep within the jungle, Petri is the adventurous sort and tends to disappear for long periods of time, exploring forgotten areas at home or enjoying some flight of fancy abroad.

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